PNC is looking interesting

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by kxvid, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. kxvid


    Keeping in mind this bank has very strong branding and is one of the largest in the country. They have very little toxic waste on the balance sheet since they do much their operations in areas like Pittsburgh that did not have a massive real estate boom/ bust.

    Practically their only toxic waste would be from NCC which they acquired. However they got billions for the govt to absorb the losses and grew their deposit base hugely in the deal. If you look a 1 year chart of PNC shares you will see that is have been very stable on a relative basis compared to other financials until today. PNC has been considered a on a higher level compared to BAC, etc. If PNC is insolvent and needs a bailout the US banking system is truly doomed.

    I'm not one to call reversals, to buy now would be blatant speculation. Still a good stock to watch for a long term buy.
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    This is the only "news" that I can find:

    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Analysts at S&P on Tuesday downgraded shares of PNC Financial to hold from buy and trimmed earnings estimates based on the overall climate in the banking sector. "PNC shares are down sharply this month, as investors flee most bank stocks due to general concerns about oversized loan-loss provisions, securities writedowns and possible dividend cuts," the firm wrote in a research note Tuesday. PNC shares fell 26.3%, to $27.78.

    Last update: 12:03 p.m. EST Jan. 20, 2009