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    hey putz , you ranted and raved what happened to your bluster?

    Quote from PHOENIX TRADING:

    Here ya go dumbass , knock yourself out, proving you're not full of bullshit.

    Myself I won't be holding my breath on you stepping up to the plate.

    Matter of fact I challenge you: start a journal with a real account, any time period or instrument you want and we'll compare results in our respective journals.

    heck even paper trade I don't care

    What do you say loser?
  2. Lucrum


  3. How asymmetrical do I need to get?

    What's next offer to do it blindfolded or order entry with my toes?

    geesh I thought the putz was gung-ho to show us all how awesome an options trader he is on a simulator?
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    The kid may be busy trying to wipe the egg off his face.
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    His stimulus money ran out about noon today.

    They may give him a funding bump in the morning. He'll be back posting just as soon as the funds show up in his account.