PM *pop* or poop??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GreenDog, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. looking for a breakout this afternoon. Had a great morning session and laid off the midday bs.
  2. Excellent trading Greendog.... we bow before you :cool:
  3. Afternoon Breakout?

    Hey, whats another 150 points between EGOS.
    Wow, if only I could stay away from that LUNCHTIME BS.
    That would really be the "key" eh?

  4. "breakdown, go ahead and give it to me."

    T. Petty:cool:
  6. Jeffo


    Party pooper
  7. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    Anyone have any idea what happened there? I'm referring to the sudden collapse that started around 15:27. On my 1-min ES chart the 15:28 bar gapped down 3 ticks, I don't remember seeing that between bars even on massive spikes caused by gov't reports. That was a serious collapse, news related?
  8. Tea


    Right back where we started
  9. huge asset allocation kicked in....ala ogg
  10. Porky


    What happened was a big double top on the daily, with false expectations of a breakthru on an up day only supported by economic news.:eek:
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