PM I received

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  1. Here's a PM I received:

    Dear sir!
    I have a proposition to you.
    The fact is that I can change stock-prices. Big stock - little changes, little stock - big changes.
    So, if it is not great - to know in advance? And if it is not a great opportunity?
    I know that you are clever man and you understand, what you can do with such knowledge.
    You will ask: why don't you use your information yourself?
    And I will answer: I can not trade myself. But you - can.
    If it is interesting for you, please choose one of the stocks (no blue-chips, of course) and I will show you what I can do with its price.
    Please answer me
    James M. Boghart"

    Sounds like a Village Idiot has been released for the weekend. What he has proposed is a violation of SEC and NASD rules for me, and I'm NOT INTERESTED! (He goes by self-researcher, and has zero posts. )

    I didn't know who to forward this to. The admins here can remove this thread after reading it. Just wanted to give a heads up on it.
  2. I got the same exact PM.

    I think the guy must be Nigerian.
  3. I feel left out, I did not receive that PM :(
  4. Joe


    Any time you receive a PM like this please send it to Or you can forward it to my PM box.

    Please include the user name that sent it to you.

    Thank you,