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  2. It is believable for sure. A realtor tried to offer me 2 free months if I signed a 1 year lease yesterday for an apartment in the financial district in NY. The current building I am living in which is sweet! first time ever they can't fill it this year, great depression on the way, pack those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!
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    Does anyone have any info on how to go about purchasing in the florida foreclosure market.. Do they do it through county sheriff sales, Or just mass foreclosure auctions or what? Where do I start with this bc I would like to make a trip down there an try and pick up some property at these low prices
  4. Get cheap Fl properties on the courthouse steps at the beginning of the month. Make sure to research the property first.
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  6. This site also auctions a lot of government foreclosures: . I encountered it because one of the MLS listings I was looking at said property to be sold at auction on this site.
  7. can these easily be rented out? and at what price?

    for example this one:

    i was going to buy a $400K property in the dc area to rent out, i haven't looked into other states, but this thread made me think, what cities have a high rent to property price ratio?
  8. have to check what the monthly maintenance fee clauses are
    if it's a share basis and the building's 50% unsold it means
    individual fees are double
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