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  1. From time to time theres talk or suspicision of intervention in the market. Who or what these people, some type of lobby or fiscal police? Do they have some type of mandate from the government, or acting on behalf of business. Any information available?
  2. happens everyday... its called large specs... their here to keep the markets 'free' they say :D
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    it's an urban myth
  4. In this day of blowing the whistle I do not believe they could keep something like that secret. Way too many people would have to keep their mouth shut.
  5. the PPT is alive and well.

    goto and search for a paper on the financial system and derivatives authored by a consortium of larg commercial and investment banks and reps from the treasury. Sorry for lack of description but if i knew exactly where it was i'd post it here. i just read it once.

    Also, read more about the relationship between the central banks, the large private banks, and the politicians in this country. The Fed isn't owned by the government, it's owned by private interests who serve as proxies for their ultimate controllers. Sort of like the way CMBC is owned by GE, which is why you must read between the lines whenever they say ANYTHING about any market related news or advice (which is all they do). Right now they are pumping the record highs and strength of the market, meanwhile the stock prices of GE, AMT, and MSFT are much much lower than they were the last time the dow was at these levels. The three broadeast industrial, consumer, and technology companies on the market and they're shares are depressed. Do you think CNBC doesn't know this?

    The banks and the fed are all in bed together as they are the stewards of the monetary system for the richest % of the population. It's not a large right-wing conspiracy, but a system that is designed to benefit those in power while keeping the average person ignorant of necessary details. Think about it, all financial analysis is abandonded for soundbites and easy logic on tv for public consumption. the people have no idea what's going on in the market, which is why they buy at tops and sell at bottoms.

    Checkout these two articles for starters, then browse the rest of the sites over time if you're interested in learning about how markets really work, and not the way they mislead you to believe.

    Read more. checkout:
  6. Well if indeed there was a PPT and the word got out................Tony Snow would speak for the PPT and say: "it is just cotton candy".

    Look at all of the republicans out there that have been disconnected from their own "intellectual honesty" in believing there was/is a connection between the invasion of anothers country and terrorists (Freedom Fighters, depending on what side of the fence you are looking across) rebelling against the forceful spread of "The American Way" upon others.

    A PPT would easily be debunked considering how many morons still have faith in this administration.

    The forefathers in all their wisdom decided to write into the constitution a clause stating: "Church and state to remain separate", WHY?

    Because in the old country that saw first hand the power of the masses following a myth. They did not want the new world to fall into the same trap of religious flocks to be brainwashed by falsehoods and deceit.. SIC, enter the Bush White House and their "VALUES",, spare me PLEASE!!!!!

    This next couple elections will decide if we get back on the right footing or we lapse into a dictatorship. YOUR CHOICE>>>:)
  7. BNT -
    what do u think of the influence of the large specs on the mkts? do they have an interest in helping to keep the mkts 'stable' or the contrary?
    who wld u say has more to win by pushing mkts to whatever extremes, then liquidating and taking everybody but them to the cleaners? who has the more interest in helping paint a technical patterns so retail etc traders jump in, again just to be taken to the cleaners in so many instances? big locals, specialists etc? just asking
  8. Constitution said nothing about keeping curch and state seperate. It just prevented congress from passing laws "restricting" religion. totally different concept. The "seperation" came from a supreme court decision. Another example of how the high court has bastardized the constitution.
  9. your argument is muddled. Are you arguing for or against the existence of a PPT?
  10. yes, u have to forgive pig-hog; he's mildly retarded, incontinent and a touch demented, u know...old age.
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