Plunge Protection Team or not?

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  1. Do you think the U.S. Federal Reserve has been propping up the stock market by purchasing S&P/Nasdaq Futures during heavy selloffs this year?

    And what do you think would happen if the public in general ever found out (would it send the market up or down?)
  2. No doubt about it.

    This rally has to work, otherwise no Bush in 2004.

    It's called the "Moral Hazard", and began when we bailed out Mexico in 1994, do you think it's a coincidence the markets went parabolic from 1995-2000? (No risk investing)

    The FED has bailed the markets out from Thai bhat run (1997) and and LTCM since 1998. That's the only reason we never saw SP 400.

    And why Bush will get reelected, as Greenspan is his chief cheerleader to get 2004 locked up. Recall the summer bond backup..who do you think bought all that paper..that was the biggest run since 1987. Fed smoothed all that over and continues to do so. Given 8.2% GDP 10Y should be 6%..but that will not happen on FED watch.

    Make no mistake SP 1200 by 11/04; then the carnage will begin.

    Period. That $87 billion was to buy SP futes and not for Iraq.

    We could give two shits about them, given they are potentially the richest nation on Earth..given their proven oil reserves. Nuff said there.

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    You are out of your mind! You want to know why this market is going up. Look at the COT report. The little guys are chasing this market up through the roof. S&P mini margins are at all time lows and small traders are net long 65k minis right now! That is huge. As long as they keep buying the market will keep going higher. It's that simple. Put your conspiracy theories to rest.
  4. Can't do it Maverick..I am convinced!!!!!!

    Greenie left zero alternatives at FF 1%.

    BTW..I am 1/2 kidding in the above post..but seems an agenda is in place bud!

  5. They ought to name this the conspiracy forum.

    So shares of Merck and Pfizer rose on the back of the PPT and not because new drugs were introduced and created new revenue sources.

    Microsoft, Intel, Dell, AOL ...all Fed driven. Windows, Pentiums, boxtops for everyone and "You've Got Mail" really didn't mean squat. Sales and profits during the 90's were an illusion.

    Manufacturing firms relocating to Mexico and SE Asia for cheap labor didn't mean lower costs and boosting corporate America's bottom line. Oh hell no, it was the printing presses in DC that popped share prices.

    Banks learned how to manage risk? Oh hell no, as long as Grandpa Al is at the controls, all is well.

    :Yawn: :eek:
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    The conspiracy theorists on ET have called 100 of the last 2 conspiracies! :D
  8. Don;t know how that last post got mixed up ..sorry.

  9. Thanks god they are out there. I just have one more hope that they protect poor jobs just as they protect rich fellows.
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    I'ld like to see another choice, such as,

    Don't know / don't care much, I just trade the movements without too much regard on who's behind them.
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