Plunge Protection Team in action

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    Any other comments needed ? :D :D :D
  2. dumb and dumber together at last!
  3. Where can I send my brib.. I mean donations again??? Wanted to express my gratitude for them pole axing the USD's value in order to bail out home owners.
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    Election is near. Bush (Republicans) will try do anything in their power to extend the pain until after the election.
  5. Bush will propose something for the common folk and something to keep the lenders happy. He will keep his word to the lenders and the folk.... well after the election they will no longer count. until then there is going to be a committee formed to study and recommend solutions ect. ect. The bankers and wall street will get the real deal and the corporate welfare .....I mean economy will live to make profits for another day.
  6. if the federal response on this is as good as their track record then this lame repsonse will last just over the weekend.

    cheese. just pure cheese.
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    Who would have thought the last week in August would be so packed with volatility. These 2 speeches will be interesting, market will find a clear direction by 12, if people arent impressed with either speech expect a drop back below 13250.
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    Bernankes speech is nothing new!!!
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    Many are convinced the Fed is going to start easing....but what if the crowd is wrong.......what if Bernanke holds his ground and lets the financial markets get what's coming to them?

    Which is to work out all of the excesses. It will require pain, losses (both on the institutional and retail side), and long term effects. But if we want to get everything back on track, there needs to be a serious repricing across all markets (equities, fixed income, commodities real estate etc) .....its comeupance time.

    Maybe, just maybe, this Fed Chairman is NOT going to be like Greenspan. Maybe he will actually make the players take the hit they NEED to take, and NOT get rescued. That statement this morning was along those lines. Let's see if he, and the rest of the Federal Reserve Committee, have the fortitude to stick to those words.
  10. He did say it wasn't the Fed's job to bail out speculators. So here's to hoping the guy actually has a brain.
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