Plunge Protection Team at work

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. This economy is a fucking joke.
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    There is no such thing as a PPT. Thank you for your time. :)
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    now thats my kind of post...


    See you at dow 11500....

    thats of course if the federal reserve doesnt step in everytime the damn dow drops 200 points and nears a bottom....
  4. Today has taught me a big lesson. I expected to see a 500pt sell off in the dow, and here we just went green for a short while. I will never, ever, ever again have a bias. I am not even a fraction of the market and it doesn't give a rat's arse about my opinion of where I think it SHOULD be...

    PPT or not, there's a ton of cash on the sidelines with little or no patience.
  5. you have to remember,for the past few years,everytime the dow open lower by more than 150 points,there always seems to be buying on the sell offs at the open. that is a recurring theme. PPT or not,it happens and traders need to be cognizant of that.
  6. Why do you care?
    Did the market not open LOW enough for you like your buddy "S2007S"???

    I bought BAC and LEH ( small ), BNI, LLL, CRDN, and PFE.

    Thank You!
  7. Should correlated the Dow with gold / eur; you will see; dow is down.
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    The bulls still think the markets are in bull mode, sad, sad.....

    Market up on anticipation federal reserve will step in and save every failing bank/broker if need be. That they will inject hundreds of billions of dollars every single time the markets and economy look like they may enter some kind of recession.
  9. We're in a bull market. Thats why stocks keeps rebounding. In a bull market you buy the dips. Buy stocks like BIDU RIMM FSLR EWZ MA GOOG ISRG
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    These bounces are a gift to the bears. Short rallies in bear markets. Simple.
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