PLUMBING - Replacing hot water tank?

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  1. Is it OK to heat the fittings on the hot water tank to loosen them up a bit? Or do I have to use elbow grease to get those fittings off? I can't move them with my 250x30 crescent wrench.
  2. Is it a GAS hot water tank?

    Have you tried a squirt and soak with wd40?
    Magic stuff, mechanic in a can.

    Ive seen the blowtorch on the nut trick, (youch!) it works but has to be applied fairly specifically.

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  3. If they are galvanized fitting, you won't have much choice except heat. Be sure there is no water in the lines it will dissipate the heat.

    If the fittings are copper, cut them off, buy a compression fitting and attach the compression fitting to the copper line and buy flex lines with new fitting already attached.
  4. I'm sure you know this all ready, but if you use WD40 make sure any pilot is turned off. That or set up a cam to record anything that might happen. It would be one of the best videos on UTube. :D
  5. That's hard.:p
  6. OK..thanks for the replies.

    I should have noted that it is an electric heater.
  7. if you use wd40 on a potable water fitting....

    after you free the fittings, i'd burn away any traces of wd40 still on the fittings (using a torch). you don't want that in your water heater or water supply lines.

    i'd try cooking spray first. if it doesn't work then heat the fitting. wd40 is a last resort.
  8. DAMN YOU! Our water heater sprung a leak the same day. I think it's pay back for the UTube comment. LOL I'm doing it the chicken way and having a plumber come in today to replace it. If I was single I'd do it myself knowing I'd probably only kill myself in the ensuing fire and explosion, but with the family I'll let a pro do it.