"Plug the damn hole," Obama told them.

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  1. I for one agree, "plug the god damn hole"

    Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.......

    My opinion is,,,, If your going to go around the world drilling holes in the earth searching for "the precious juice" You better know how to plug "the damn hole" when shit starts pouring out of it!!!!!

    If you want to drill holes a mile under water that's up to you.... But you better know how you"re going to plug the damn hole!!!!

    And I don't mean a month from NOW!!!

    I'm sure some of the "most intelligent" men and (women) in the world are working 24-7 to plug the damn hole..... My point is They "should" have had this figured out BEFORE they put their "bit in the water." I guess no one asked !!!

    And they should know how to do it "during" a hurricane!!! What if??? all this "crude Slime" covered everything from Pensacola to New Orleans during katrina ???? Wouldn't that have made some great "news reels"??

    I (loved) the Gulf... I don't think the "news" has even touched on the impact this is going to have on OUR not BP's coastline......

    Just plug the F-ing


  2. That's the uber-liberal-harvard-grad-intellect. It's amazing how smart he is and how out of this world his problem solving skills are!

    America is so lucky to have him.
  3. That's a secret message for Larry Sinclair to come visit.
  4. Government caused this problem by putting easier to drill places off limits and forcing companeis to drill in the deeper areas.

    Plenty of places to drill on land.

    Another great job by the Government. Unintended consquences.
  5. Agree 100%! Further, the government should have stepped in with containment and clean up while BP was/is trying to figure out how to stop the leak. It became painfully obvious that BP had little time, or a plan for containment and clean up. Obama and his gang saying BP is responsible doesn't cut it. We know that! It's like Bush saying the hurricane was responsible, we can't do anything. It is the complete responsibility of the Federal government to step in during this type of crisis. They failed to respond quickly enough during Katrina and got mauled in the press, and rightfully so. While the MSM is finally showing some aggrevation with Team Obama, it's not enough. FIVE f'n weeks and this thing is still a total cluster fuck. Pathetic!
  6. But they were trying to save money that would have passed along the cost for.

  7. Ricter


    Every new generation comes of age believing today's technology, that is, their technology, is infallble.
  8. This is the first serious offshore well spill in 41 years. The alternative to drilling is importing via tankers, which have a far worse safety record. That said, this is a wakeup call.

    Deep offshore wells have to be treated like nuke plants now. Zero risk or forget it. The consequences of a blowout are too severe to risk otherwise. A set of procedures have to be enforced with criminal law, so that "bad decisions" like those apparently made by BP will land you in jail.

    We can debate BP's response, but we are lucky the operator was a huge company with enormous resources. If it had been a small fry wildcatter, they would be bankrupt by now and the government would be stuck with trying to do something.
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    I wonder if Joe biden followed up by saying "this is a big fucking deal" for emphasis.

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