pls recommend program that can auto do fundamental analysis

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hanhao, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. hanhao


    pls recommend program that can auto do fundemental analysis
    a lot of technical analysis program can sort stocks by prices, by % move etc...

    what about fundamental analysis? usually we use % and ratios to analyse the fundementals of the company

    - Net Profit Margin
    - P/E Ratio
    - Book Value Per Share
    - Current Ratio
    - Debt Ratio
    - Inventory Turnover
    - and use different Stock Price Valuation models to give a fair value of the stock

    all these can be easily calculated, tabulated in a nice table and compared using a program. So is there such a program for this purpose? whether the program is free or not doesnt matter

    a quick search at give some results
    Value Investor 1.3.7

    any other recommendations?
  2. MTE


    What are you gonna compare? Historical ratios? In order to arrive at a fair value of a stock using a Valuation Model you need make a projection of future cash flows, growth rates and etc. How's a program gonna do that? Or rather where are you gonna get those future earnings estimates?
  3. maxpi


    Tey the screener at It has the estimate concesus numbers and all that good stuff. You can screen and download to Excel and analyze away.
  4. hanhao


    ignore the fair value (and all the other features which requires human intelligence)

    what about the ratio features? do u have a good recommendation in mind?
  5. MTE


    Sorry, got no idea.
  6. peterncao


    which is the best trading software on the market that is easy for a new user to use?
  7. MTE


    You might wanna be a bit more specific in terms of what instruments are you looking to trade and your style (daytrading, swing, position)!?
  8. yes, it's called Excel by Microsoft (TM).