Pls recommend profitable MT5 EA

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Humpy, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Humpy


    There are so many EA systems on the web that it is hard to find a good one. Some don't work at all and some are free and some cost money.
    If anyone has come across one that is either free or doesn't cost too much but is PROFITABLE then please post here.

    The best so far in my search is the Macd one issued with the MT5 package which breaks about even.

  2. Well I thought this EA thing was the best thing since sliced bread... You mean they don't necessarily make you any money ?

    Seriously you have to be kidding, a free system that is profitable ? An inexpensive system that is profitable ? On what planet are you living ?
    You will be lucky if you find an expensive system that actually works !
  3. Humpy


    You are probably more used to the American system of being charged left, right and centre for over hyped goods of doubtful quality. But let's not dwell on national issues. In some parts of the world people help each other without expecting to pay outragious sums. I expect the same posting on other forums will produce better results but who knows I might be in for a pleasant surprise. After all the platform and feed are free and as good as some US based ones who charge a lot.
  4. true :)