Pls recommend accounting software and electronic dairy.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by emk662, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. emk662


    I need accounting software suitable for hedge fund purposes and the electronic dairy software also. Do you know which are good? Thanks.
  2. Jeez, they make electronic dairy products now?
    Wow, genetically enhanced, nanotechnically designed dairy products! Tastes just like the original.
  3. LOL swoop! :p
  4. Let's get together and join the bovine anti-electronicution society!

    "Cows with sparks..." :D
  5. I'm right there with you S.
    We gotta stop frivolous use of technology, NOW!
  6. 'Only from California cows'...:D
  7. emk662


    Any cheap ones?
  8. First, you asked for a suitable software "for hedge fund purposes"...

    And then you ask for "a cheap one"???



    P.S: Forget the cheap, short-lived stuff. If you want serious electronic dairy, you gotta go UCT (ultra-current treated)...
  9. Spot on. These are the kinda cows that only graze in Silicon Valley...

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