Plotting yesterday`high/Low-line in TS2000i..

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Jana, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Jana


    ..and how can i plot the e.g. High value above the line?

    Another problem: The High or Low should only displayed, if the last quote today is not so far away?
    I have same problem with the pivot line-formulas. I don`t want to display it in the chart, if they are e.g. 1 or 2 % above /below the current quote.

    Can anyone help me and post the formula?

  2. OK... plotting yesterday? High or Low?

    Plot1(HighD(1), "Yesterday's High");
    Plot2{LowD(1), "Yesterday's Low");


    How do you plot a High above the High of the day????

    If Close > HighD(1) then Plot1(Close, "Higher High than Yesterday's High");

    Please be more clear on how you want it presented...


    Heh??? You're questions are very vague for a computer geek like me... You seem to know what you want in your head but can't seem to put it in writing well (a major problem for a programmer)... Anyways... I think this is what you want...

    If High(0) > 1.01 * Close then Plot1(HighD(0), "High of the day");

    Please be more specific or at least try to be...
  3. Jana


    Thanks a lot, WDGann.
    How can i print the text eg. "LDay1" above the line or in/beneave the right scale?

    My first solution for Hig High/Low-Plots:

    If HighD(1) > 0 and LowD(1) > 0 Then Begin
    If Highd(1)< 1.005 * c and highD(1)> 0.995 * c then begin
    If Lowd(1)> 0.995 *c and Lowd(1)< 1.005 * c then begin
    If HighD(2) > 0 and LowD(2) > 0 Then Begin
    If Highd(2)< 1.005 * c and highD(2)> 0.995 * c then begin
    If Lowd(2)> 0.995 * c and Lowd(2)< 1.005 * c then begin