Plot disrupted to assassinate Obama by skinheads

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  2. Those who live by the "terrorist" slur will die by it.

    I'm almost saddened today by what's happening to the GOP.
    Also, Gallup Daily tracking : Obama 52- McCain42
  3. This makes me sick.

    IMO, this is the result of fear mongering and subsequent polarization being propagated by the right-wing nuts.

    The people who spread the rumors of Obama being a terrorist don't realize that they are propagating/reinforcing disruptive, hateful and potentially murderous attitudes in the extremist cults. Now that Palin has made the claim that Obama associates with terrorists, she has given credit to an otherwise extreme view, i.e. that he should be targeted for assassination. Now that these Nazi cults have "permission" because Obama is a "borderline terrorist" they feel empowered and their hatred is re-enforced.

    Yes I blame the republicans for this... they are empowering this evil and idiotic hatred with their fear mongering.

    It is pathetic that the right cannot be more careful with their words, they have no idea what kind of problems the are creating. At any expense seems to be their motto...

  4. Google searches using quotations.

    "herr bush" 47,200 hits

    "bush is hitler" 18,700 hits

    "kill bush" 57,500

    Here on cafepress one can order a Shoot Bush t-shirt.

    Then of course this under reported gem from 2006:

    New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi is in hot water for making remarks about "putting a bullet between the president's eyes" a day after promising that fellow democrats would “murder” republicans.

    According to WNBC, Hevesi, a democrat, was speaking at the Queens College commencement at the time of the remarks, along with U.S. Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer.

    A member of the audience, blogging at Free Republic, reports that Hevesi, referring to Schumer, said the Senator would "put a bullet between the President's eyes if he could get away with it."
  5. There are just as many left wing idiots as well... They come from both sides.

    My concern at this point is that Obama has enough going against him as a black candidate. He's likely the biggest target for assassination in recent history, and here you have very powerful and influential people propagating hatred indirectly...

    There are times when discretion is necessary. Right now, and especially by the Republicans, discretion is a must. They're playing with fire IMO.
  6. I hear what you're saying but the notion that Obama's associations or policy proposals are "off limits" because criticism could incite violence is an unfair hurdle for those opposing him. Inferring that Bush started a war that killed thousand for personal gain-a charge that's been levied plenty-could just as easily persuade a nut that they're performing a moral, noble cause by harming the President.

    IMO attempts on Obama's life are extremely counter-productive in the battle against the totalitarian Left. Obama is just the messenger. Instead I would urge those so inclined to pick targets
    in the media and academia. The REAL enemies are kicking back in their west 57th street bistros without a secret service agent in sight....

  7. It is sick Mike, I agree. But these people had hate before Obama was known. They hate him for being black/brown. Nothing to do with rumors of terrorist, or extreme muslim or marxist. This is white supremacy they believe in. They plan to kill school children and decapitate them. School children of a black school. Just white supremacy. They hate everyone with skin tone other than white.
    Latino, blacks, asians....
    Heart breaking, and sick.
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    There are people who have openly expressed on these threads that they desired to see Obama assassinated sooner rather than later on many occasions.

    It does not come as a surprise to me personally to hear and read about such a heinous plot. As I've noted earlier, flippantly made incendiary remarks are meant to appeal to the LCD segment of our nation and these nuts need very little motivation to get that warm feeling in their fingers wrapped around that trigger.
  9. I agree that none of Obama's past should be off-limits. It ALL needs to be exposed *without* bias and judgment. I know that's a lofty request...

    At this time in history when racism is still a prevalent theme in American society, the people influencing the masses need to be careful. When McCain had to essentially apologize for his campaigns tactics, by stating that "Obama was a decent man", he neglected to exonerate Obama of accusations made by McCain's supporters. McCain, in effect let the passionate dislike of Obama grow into intense hatred...

    The problem I have with this is that the majority of people do not have adequate critical thinking skills, and rather than think about what is being presented to them, they prefer an immediate and often wrong reaction... This is the same reaction we profit from in trading, the emotional irrational one that, if left unchecked in certain cases can manifest itself into racism, bigotry, rape, murder...
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    A gun doesn't pull its own trigger.

    Ideas are harmless in and of themselves.

    Its the meaning and actions people choose to take from them, that give power.

    Racism is a big problem in the US. Yes.

    But Barack has some major issues, any white, brown, yellow or black Nominee would have if running under the same auspieces.

    His Father was a Muslim. His Mother, a Communist. He was raised in Kenya, a Muslim Country. He attended Mosque.

    His name is clearly Muslim - Barack Hussein Obama

    Given the United States is officially at War against Muslim Extremists, electing a man of questionable national and religous heritage is entirely legitimate.

    If it was an Indian or White Nominee with the same credentials - a John-Walker-Linde gone Presdential - oh yea. There'd be a shit storm.

    Either way, the point is moot. He's going to win.
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