Discussion in 'Trading' started by skinnay, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. skinnay


    what do you think of palmOne? i bought at 27, hoping lifebooks will be a popular christmas gift.. :)
  2. d9d


    you probably won't like this answer but...

    ....I think you're going to see very poor xmas sales of -any- trinkets.

    my guess is that $10 chinese knockoff iPods will be about the only thing selling.

    nearer term; my assessment of the markets tells me there is quite a strong downdraft coming within the next 1-30 days.

    I'm fully short the broads as of today; and long oils and pm's; altho I did take 10% off today at the afternoon peak in both. I still think there's more upside to come in those two; but I had excellent profit from getting in 3-5 weeks ago; and wanted to turn some of it back to cash. Oil looks like it wants to tap 60 on this run...

    further, cycle-timing wise, this is a top for PLMO on the weekly chart...and volume has been pretty pathetic through the "rally" of the past few weeks.

    my near-term target (1-30 days) for PLMO is around 20.

    alternative scenario: 9000 hedge-funds all pick PLMO to pile in on at once... :D

    in that case, it goes to 40 of course... :p

    best of luck!
  3. wow... Im short calls on PLMO (but also short puts from lower levels)

    one of us is a great contrarian indicator. :D

  4. skinnay


    just sold at 29.55 :)

    i probably should have waited but i was afraid it would drop early on in the day. anyone know what the spike this morning was about?