Plenty of positive news this weekend

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  1. Bernanke Will Be Confirmed, Senior Senators Predict

    Obama: Bank Regulators May Have Gotten Too Tough


    This and more coming to a theater near you.

    Woo hoo, rally time this week

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    Google Co-Founders Each Plan to Sell About 5 Million Shares

    Analysts Cut Goldman Estimates On Trading, Tax Concerns

    Toyota to recall 2.3 million more vehicles as its troubles continue

    Frank Calls for End to Fannie, Freddie

    Five Banks Fail; Year's Total at 9

    U.S. Plan Fuels Global Fire for Financial Regulation

    International efforts to regulate financial institutions gained renewed momentum Friday in the wake of the Obama administration's proposals to curb the size and spread of the biggest U.S. banks, leading regulators said Friday.

    The U.S. moves, announced Thursday, are likely to make financial regulation one of the top items on the agenda at next week's gathering of world political and business leaders in Davos, Switzerland. The news hit bank stocks around the world Friday as investors concluded banks would face tougher government actions.

    Until now, many investors had expected Washington to resist tough action on banks. Instead, the administration of President Barack Obama, responding to popular pressure, appeared to move into a leadership role with its proposals, jumpstarting a debate on global financial regulation that had begun to falter.