Please vote on your favorite water type...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. Vote...
  2. I voted for the first option...
  3. Fresh Water.
  4. ElCubano


    considering some people spend four hours a day walking/looking for water just to supply their family.... Water from a hose is good for me....peace
  5. Sparkling mineral water is currently in the lead...
  6. Are you insane? Seriously....have you been certified yet?
  7. Foz


    Or is it "Lead is currently in the sparkling mineral water."? Hmmm? :)
  8. Foz


    I'm currently boycotting Perrier and Evian. The French can sell it to Saddam.
  9. True... there is a lot of lead in the expensive stuff...
  10. msfe


    French [Perrier] and German [Apollinaris] are undoubtedly the best mineral waters
    #10     Feb 20, 2003