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  2. It means that people dumb enough to repeat the same mistake again, looking for a different outcome, should be shot for dragging down the other half of their countrymen.
  3. It means it took two fiscal conservatives 12 years to straighten out Carter's mess, One Liberal 8 years to screw it up again and One Conservative to straighten it out then screw it up again.
    Remember W inherited the start of a recession.

    Course that is all meaningless, becasue it doesn't take into consideration who controlled Congress.
  4. The prez doesn't have the authority to spend a dime. Congress basically controls the $. It's a spurious correlation.
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    It means that 51% of Americans are complete and total Morons.

    I would hate to be in the 49% group, it would be frustrating as hell.
  6. Reagan broke the back of the USSR, so that was money well spent.

    Other than that, I agree with the cartoon's theme.
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    perhaps lots of people do not understand the difference between deficit & is a link that might help those that need it cleared up;


  9. That is sort of true, sort of untrue. The President essentially can direct Congress where to spend the money, but they don't have to follow. Problem is, they usually do. Then the President can veto anything he doesn't like. To override the veto, you'd need an overwhelming majority in both houses, which usually never happens.

    So, no he doesn't have a direct authority, but there is indirect authority.
  10. It's all very clever...

    The Prez drafts the budget for spending and then sends it to Congress.... they more-or-less give it the "rubber stamp" approval.

    Then when people bitch because the Gummint spent 25% more than they took in taxes, they can say, "(a) The Pres doesn't have authority... that's Congress", and (b) Congress says, "we're just supporting the elected leader of our country".

    That way, it seems there is nobody to blame for profligate spending of tax payer money, because it's always somebody else's fault. Most Americans can't see through this charade.
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