Please suggest a few resources to help me get started in automated trading

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Kovacs, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Kovacs


    Right now, all I know is C/C++ and how to scalp equities (which I'm still mastering).
  2. maxpi


    Multicharts and Interactive brokers.
  3. Referrer


    the best traders I know stare at the screen

    and you want to have it all and not even stare at it

    good luck, you will need it

    and you won't get it.
  4. Kovacs


    I stare at the screen eight hours a day. I'm not dreaming of some program that automatically pulls money without supervision. I just know that, if I want to continue in this business into my 30s and beyond, I'll need to get into computer trading.

    I don't want to be middle-aged and still stuck scalping stocks intraday.
  5. maxpi


    Personally I see manual traders as the buggy whip makers of the current day. Trading Bot developers are having their share of problems as did the small auto manufacturers at the turn of the twentieth century but give it some time...

    Check out the frostengine thread to see how bot developers are struggling...