Please suggest a brand name for a trading software house

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    Please suggest a brand name for a trading software house - we are going to release our cool options trading software and the brand name is the major thing holding us back. We can not decide on the name! The software is for professional options/volatility traders, along the lines of Orc, Actant, OptionsCity, etc.
    If you read this - don't just pass by, post something! Please inspire us!
    Many thanks!
  2. How about "Mockingbird Trading" presents the "Atticus Options Suite?"
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  4. 1) Delta Gamma Vega Theta LLC
    2) See Bee Oh Wee Solutions
    3) Flex Options Analytics
    4) Fourth Order Metrics
    5) Automated Profit Systems
    6) Infinigon Software
    7) Robust Hedge Dynamics
    8) Irish Italian Israeli Partners
    9) Quantidyne, Inc.
    10) LaSalle Street Institute of Technology

    You WILL pay me my 5% residual on revenue. :cool:
  5. How about Voladyne 3000?
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    Is that spam I smell?
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    Thanks, Traveler. However someone who I know already founded a prop trading company with the name ending in -dyne so I'm reluctant to follow the case ;)
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    No it's genuine. I knew that most replies will be sarcastic and that's all-right. I have some spin off ideas from nazzdack's post. Thanks, mate ;)

    Keep it going guys! I need more ideas!