Please stop pouring dollars into my country!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by tradethetrade, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. tradethetrade

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    The Brazilian currency is skyrocketing thanks to all of you who are buying into emerging markets. No wonder the dollar is at its lows and will continue to fall while this trend lasts.

    Please stop, I live off of my USD savings!

  2. usdBull


    C'mon get Real.
  3. tradethetrade

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    It's an argument folks with a bit of fun added to it. C'mon who lives off of his savings???

    I do want to hear from real folks about this trend. Do you see it continuing for a couple of years? I certainly do and been thinking about pouring money into Brazil after the pres elections.

    If you have questions about Brazil, please do ask.
  4. usdBull


    Who was that young kid they put in for Ronaldo? He was good.
  5. Surdo


    Muito Obrigado for all the fine Garotas I have enjoyed over the years, now I have to learn Portuguese to keep the prices in line with the USD devaluation.

  6. tradethetrade

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    I am shorting Ronaldo and going long on Fred. Target is somewhere near South Africa.

  7. naz9403


    robinho, i think that's how you spell it. The kid is going to be amazing in south africa, you wait and see.

    buy robinho calls along with us dollars.
  8. tradethetrade

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    Hey, I thought you were going to thank me for caju juice, caipirinha and feijoada... Garotas are complimentary with all of these items.

  9. tradethetrade

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    Sorry economics fans but I am from Brazil and I have to answer everyone with regards.

    Robinho played in the cup and will be in South Africa as well. Fred and Robinho should be the new attack squad. BTW, Brazil was the most expensive team in the world cup so can you afford the calls??? :D