Please stop calling tops in this furious uptrend

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nexen, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Nexen


    It's embarrasing, even by ET standards :D
  2. When we are going higher and no one on ET is starting a top thread, you'll know that's it. Top/Bottom calling threads really are an indictment of how mkts operate.
  3. foo


    I watch the ES and YM every tick everyday. I am sold. I have never seen anything quite like this. At first I thought it was a trick and was going to fall like everybody else.

    It literally can not fall. It is free money with no sweat on the buy side.

    I have no positions so, I am not biased. There appears not only no risk to the downside, there is no risk for a correction.

    Free money for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i agree, this site is only for talkiing about other ET posters

    we're holding at a good 95 percent, but we must work on the remaining 5 percent

    all kidding aside, in 7 months, (on the wilshire 5000), this has gone from where it was in '96 to where it was in '99, 3 years of bubble. that translates to over 5 times the speed of the tech bubble

    I dont think there's anything wrong with a technical discussion of where the inevitable end will be, or why that discussion is less intelligent than just foaming at the mouth "IT'S STILL GOING UP - THE FED CAN PRINT!!!!!""

    I've read though your posts, it seems you do nothing in your replys but put down other posters, never have anything specific to say, and the only threads I've seen you start is putting down other posters. Never anything to do with the market or trading. here's another one of yours - get a life

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  5. Corey


    On the other hand, we also went down from peak to trough about twice as fast as the 2000-2003 movement ... and a greater distance.
  6. i don't mind throwing out a # but please for the love of god give a good argument for your prediction too

    How else shall we measure your call :)
  7. jnorty


    corey we went down because earnings fell 60% or so. earnings are still falling qtr over qtr yet we've ran back up 70% making the mkt much more expensive than even the top of the 2003-2007 bull mkt. we're in a new era of less spending and massive debt and much lower growth going forward. the mkt is trading like we're heading back into the greatest boom of all time. we have 10% unemployment and the mkt acts like we have 5% and earnings are skying 30% a qtr. ITS A MANIA AT THE MOMENT
  8. pspr


    Only fools and those who talk to God call tops and bottoms.
  9. Everyone who is "in(creasenow) the know" knows that the top will be in the moment The Extreme One puts out the "buy buy buy" post.

    Extreme Fade the Trade!

    Extreme Bang!
  10. Nexen


    The person responsible for turning my trading 180 degrees once told me the folllowing, and to this day, I consider it the single best tip in trading.

    "With a lot of market action experience, it's possible to consistently catch the bottoms of uptrends and the tops of downtrends, the opposite is impossible and foolish."
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