Please Step Down!!!!

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    I still don't get it!!!

    Imus makes a complete and obvious attempt at a joke and says " nappy haired ho's"...Isaiah out of ANGER calls a black woman a bitch and a ho....and he keeps his job?????

    Sad day for Knick fans...what a disgrace...I use to bleed blue and Orange for the Knicks but right now they are a disgrace from top to bottom
  2. ElCubano


    did al sharpton hear him say that???
  3. Al was in the basement looking for his tax records.
  4. Could you Imagine in your wildest dreams if this was say ..Kevin McHale who said this to a Black employee??????? This is absurd and Dolan is the biggest jack ass in the world keeping this POS around...he's always been a punk!
  5. The NBA is awesome!!!

    ROTFLMAO :D :D :D :D
  6. NY fans have known this for quite some time Dolan a true jackass, and that he has wrecked the Knicks. He's the most imcompetent owner in all of sports. I wish as punishment he would be forced to sell the Kcicks. That's the only day Knicks fans will be able to finally come back to having hope.

    Oh, and remember the Bernard King years..what's happened?