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    Would anyone care to shed light on the "stock trading getting worse" thread, please. I trade in So. Cal., where this all apparently took place and don't know what it's all about. Just curious...
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    feel free to private message me if you're willing to tell me what's going on, and would like to do it privately.
  3. Looks like all the good stuff was deleted from from that thread now anyway. I wonder if some CoverYourAss lobbying went on behind the scenes or if the moderator just erased it on his own.
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    i guess nobody wants to share the info.
  5. What info?

    Is there a link to whatever it is your talking about?

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  7. There were some personal accusations about criminal conduct at the end, which the moderators have deleted. Let's let it die now.
  8. what's going on here :confused:
  9. well, the "info missing" is a guy ripped another guy. We will call the ripper guy #1 and the ripee, guy #2. So #2 gets kind of pissed and knows some dirt on #1, so he posts a bit of it here in the open, where #1 denies it like crazy. Apparently #1 tried to arrange a deall with some llc's where he would profit from the rest of his group without there knowledge, even though he is not the leader of the group, was only taught in it and benefitted from being a part of a good trading group. No wonder #1 denies these allegations from #2, he doesn't want his group whom he relies on to figure out what happened. Also, who the hell is # 2 anyways, he doesn't know shit. But wait, #2 is good friends with the llc owners whom #1 approached with this deal, so he does have relieble data on the problem.

    Looks like someone complained enough to get the posts deleted or something like that.

    Who is #1 and #2? Well, we will try to leave them nameless for now to please the moderators. Moral of the story is: It is a real small trading world out there. People hear things and know lots of other traders, so watch out what you say on here to other traders, they might get pissed off and say something that you don't want coming out.

    Also, in this business, it is easy to get trapped into deals and conditions that if you were thinking right, you would know you shouldn't get involved in or deals that you shouldn't make (speaking from personal experience here). May we all learn from these screwups and try to not make the same mistakes over again.
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