Please share your thoughts and experiences on daytrading from a high timeframe

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    I moved from 30mins to 60mins a few months ago to compensate for the increase in noise and decrease in volatility.

    My three timeframes are now 60, 240, and daily.
  2. I trade ES from 500 tick bars and CL from 200 Tick bars. I aso watch higher timesframes for market context (overall view), but I don't trade from them.
  3. I trade Volume bars so I can filter out (not have to deal with) the price spikes generated from time bars and tick bars.
    Volume Bars give me complete control over how the chart is viewed and traded and that is priceless.
  4. As an automated stock trader I agree with your assessment about noise and volatility. My time frames are 130-minutes and Daily.
  5. more interesting, do you think it helped, stayed the same or hurt?
  6. Has this made any significant difference??
  7. longer time frame for intra day trading helps reduce commission and increases potential for profit.. the main thing you worry about is wethere or not you have teh day picked correctly.. is it going to be up down or sideways.. whereas in shorter time frames.. you are a leaf in the wind.. it is anyones guess really
  8. I think that a lot of what passes for conventional wisdom is more conventional than wisdom. What passes for noise in one time frame may well be melodic in another.
  9. It depends on your trading style. Are you a daytrader? Scalper? Swing trader?

    Which are you more comfortable with? Are you an impatient person? A patient one? Someone who frets every minute about price moving up and down? Are you a confident trader? Or a are you a paranoid trader? Can you accept loss?

    You have to answer that question first before you even consider time frame.
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    Which software will enable me to view a chart of AAPL where each bar is 20 million shares traded? Chart should span multiple months. Esignal tells me that Volume bars are tick generated so the limit is 40 days. They don't understand how to do this with Daily data files, QB.
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