please share SSF intraday experiences

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  1. Hi.. I wish to avoid mounting a $30K equities trading account due to the PDT rules, so I would please like to hear any experiences you have with intraday trading or scalping of SSF....

    Anyone trading them intraday on a regular basis?
    How are the spreads, liquidity, etc.?
    Anyway trading qqq, dia, msft, klac, ibm SSF... are they tradable?

    Any other comments appreciated!

    Thanks a lot
  2. Spreads are average 8¢. Liquidity is plenty for someone with a smaller account size.


    DIA price per share is so high that for the same amount of money as one DIA SSF contract you could trade one E-mini contract.
    I'd recommend starting off with much lower priced stocks to get your first taste of trading them.

    AMD and BRCD are two of the lower priced SSF stocks, and they've done quite well in the last two months, even though almost no-one trades their SSFs. I have 2 BRCD contracts now that I bought around $5.10 a month ago, they're up around $5.90 now.
  3. Considering trading NQLX's QQQ futures intraday only, max. 5 contracts at a time because unlike NQ it would allow me to scale in and out. But the spread seem to be around 6 cents, given the fact that averaging 10 cent gains (roughly 3 NQ points) in the Q's is tough these days, is it even worth daytrading these QQQ fut?
  4. The stocks I mentioned MXIM, QLGC, QCOM, KLAC, NVLS have daily ranges of about $1-$1.80 average. QQQ has daily ranges of about 40¢-70¢. I think you have a better chance of making money trading these other stocks than the QQQ.
  5. I don't trade stocks intraday anymore. I just don't like it. I will post my trades in the QQQ futures if any. Starting in May. Hope it won't be a waste of time and money:)
  6. You understand I don't actually trade the stocks. I'm trading the stock futures on those 5 stocks.
  7. Try trading the DIA SSF, I traded it for the first time today using the underlying stock. The spread ranged from 2-6 cents. I guess today was an easy day to trade anyway so I can't say much.
  8. I don't touch that one. ONE is always down.
  9. Seems to me to be WAY WAY early on SSF's. I mean the intraday volumes so far are a joke. Maybe the next bull run will bring in some liquidity. Otherwise these markets could shrivel up and die in no time. I'm still waiting for those Sector SSF's on One Chicago but they seem to be holding them back so far.

    THe other factor is reliability. Seems like One Chicago is forever going down. Especially towards expiry!
  10. what sucks about those ETF's SSF's is that they don't start trading until the market opens. They should at least open with pre market trading at 8 am or better trade round the clock (ain't gonna happen). Also you can't get free real time data anywhere on the net, not even snapshot. Even finding a paid service isn't easy. doesn't have them for ex. I think the way it works now they won't catch up any time soon.
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