Please screw up Obama

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  1. give us one more bitter comment or a reverend wright. This election is boring/ We need more Obama gaffes. He hasn't made any in months.
  2. Since GWB lords over the gaffe realm, everyone else pales by comparison. You've been spoiled by the current administration. It's time to lower your gaffe standard.
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    You may have your own opinion about the war, etc, but GWB has been gaffe- and scandal-free for his whole presidency. Remember Bill Clinton with Whitewater and Monica... and then he was impeached, and then he was disbarred for lying? What did George Bush do that comes even close to those dark and shameful days? Because liberal media and clowns like Jay Leno make jokes of him?

    The man restored the White House to its dignity, and with that, gave us Americans our dignity and pride back. You don't like the war? Tough, it's succeeding, the Middle East is safer and two nations have been freed from oppressive, dangerous regimes, deal with that. He fixed our economy brilliantly, until the Democrats took over Congress, and are doing nothing, go complain to them about their results. You don't like his politics? You had your chance, but he beat your silly candidates twice, deal with that too.

    Or not, I don't care. But, why go out of your way to badmouth him unecessarily? It's not fair and it stinks. Vote for Obama, that is democracy and that should be enough. :(
  4. You, sir, are a comedian without peer. I still can't figure out whether you're relying on parody or sarcasm for comedic effect -- it's just that darn transcendent!
  5. What the real scandal is that GWB is in the pocket of pharma and oil companies. When he is out of WH he will be making $ 30,000,000 per year making speeches ( getting paybacls) .
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    Holy shit! Where to begin?

    In most countries, an adulterous president wouldn't even rate the front page, much less impeachment. And Whitewater never was a real scandal (the Clintons lost money on Whitewater.)

    OTOH, GWB gaffes and scandals:

    - failing to stop 9/11 after being warned a month in advance.

    - failing to find the Anthrax Attacker(s), or to even discover who they are. The Bush Administration probably wouldn't know who did 9/11 if OSL hadn't jumped up and took credit immediately.

    - letting an entire major American city get destroyed by a hurricane after being warned of the coming danger, and doing almost nothing about it afterwards. Putting horse-show "Brownie" in charge of FEMA with NO emergency experience.

    - issuing illegal "signing statements" to every bill he signed, claiming some unwritten "presidential perogative" to ignore any part of the bill he chooses to.

    - literally giving the finger to the WH press corps more than once like some inbred high school drop-out instead of a person of character and discipline.

    - taking more vacation days than any other TWO presidents combined.

    - turning the formerly politically free Attorney General's office into a haven for third-rate political hacks who are barely qualified to practice the law.

    - joining his father and Ronald reagan in ballooning our national and trade debts.

    - being a national embarrassment almost every time he interacts with foreign dignitaries.

    That's just for starters.

    Deal with this:

    The war ended back in 2003 with that "Mission Accomplished" banner. That's what that dog-and-pony show was all about. What is NOT succeeding is the occupation. Successful occupations don't have occupiers getting killed routinely. Go read about post-war Germany and Japan. Those were successful occupations. What's happening in Iraq is not success, surge or no surge.

    Iraq invasion: successful and done with.

    Iraq occupation: ongoing and failing.

    Afghanistan has slipped back into the hands of the Taliban. What drug are you smoking to think we "succeeded" there as well as Iraq?

    Yeah the economy is just great for most Americans. NOT!

    The Congressional Dems can't do anything as long as Republicans can block them in the Senate, which they do at every opportunity.

    And Karl Rove's election-cheating campaigns are at an end.

    Not that many of the Dems don't bear a lot of blame for being wimps who go along to get along. But this criminal GOP administration is coming to an end, and there will be a reckoning ahead.
  7. I surely hope so. Just the idea of it kinda makes me feel warm all over.
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    Just as I thought, nothing substantive, because there's nothing there, we all know it. Just blind hatred from sore losers, that's all. Don't worry, it'll pass :)
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    We don't know that. We don't!

    What WE DO know, is that Bill Clinton was always in the pocket of the 'rich" Arabs, and, as proof, he DID make megamillions from them after he left office, according to his tax returns.

    You can judge from suspicion, the rest of us look at real facts, just the facts, ma'am :)
  10. I've already written all I ever want to about GWB here at ET in numerous prior posts and in some detail. The material GWB offeres is quite voluminous and so it can get quite tiring.

    I gather you have kut2k2 on ignore?
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