Please recommend some good books about hedgefund and trading strategies?

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  1. Hi all,

    Please recommend some good books about hedgefund and trading strategies?

    I am also looking for books that interview successful hedgefund managers and talk about their background and how their background link to their success in fund management. Ideally, these will be the hedgefund version of the Market Wizards Vol I and II.

    Any good recommendations? Thanks!
  2. Inside the House of Money by Drobny is what you're looking for.

    Can you reflect on the market wizards books? The reviews here look great, but what should I know about it?

    The reviews for Drobny's book are in the miscellaneous section
  3. Thanks TraderGreg. You've asked a good question. What should I remember about Market Wizards book? I read the two books a few years ago. And now don't remember a single sentence from book. Anybody can help?
  4. The best hedge fund strategy book for regular traders is

    Trade like a hedge fund--- James Altucher

    nothing comes close on the market.

  5. Good call! Yet seriously, I am gradually building my skill-sets to launch my own fund in the future. So although I am a retail trader right now, and I have a full-time day job as a PhD student, I am thinking and reading along the lines of a full-blown hedgefund manager...

    Any more thoughts?
  6. I have an outside idea.

    Go contact some hedge fund companies and see what you can get out of them. You can pretend like you are looking for a job when you graduate and see what kind of background they are looking for, any books or material you should read, and overall anything you can do to get ahead.

    This has a good shot of getting you both the information you need on getting started, the information you need to begin attracting outside investors, and some good contacts and job opportunities.

    In my experience, the higher-ups in the business world are often ready to take advantage of you, so you will often have to use their strategy and resources against them.

    Just my input. Best of luck to you, and if you find out anything good come back and let me know, I am looking into global macro or prop myself.

  7. yeah, handbook of portfolio mathematics and anything on portfolio construction should serve you well.

    good luck!