Please recommend good magazines for trading strategies...

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  1. Hi all,

    Could you please recommend some good magazines/newsletters for trading systems and strategies?

    I have heard about the futures magazine but not sure about the quality of the magazine, from the perspective of trading system and strategy design.

    Could you please recommend more magazines/newsletters in this category?

    Thank you and have a great holiday!
  2. Active Trader Magazine
    Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES Magazine
    Those are magazine with articles so it's good to get ideas and techniques but they are not references like a book. And you wont find profitable strategies but you can get some good ideas to start with.
  3. My reading list:

    Fibonacci as a Technical Analysis Tool
    Fibonacci Pivot Point by John L Person
    The Disciplined Online Investor //Steven J. Hendlin
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  5. Looks very good! Thank you!
  6. I searched forums for material on trading and saw this thread, can anyone give more information?