Please recommend a good poker book

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  1. I think the game of Poker is excellent because it deals with money management and psychology. Can anyone offer any good books written about the game of poker and how many of the rules can be applied to other things in life?
  3. David Sklansky is the best teacher out there.

    His 'Hold 'Em Poker For Advanced Players' is required reading for any serious hold 'em player.

    For hi/lo split, I'd suggest Ray Zee.
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    Poker is mainly about probabilities and reading your opponents.
    This booked help me the most.
    You can preview the book on Amazon.

    Winning Low-Limit Hold'em
    by Lee Jones
  5. I like making money from having fun playing games... trading is a fun game where I make money... poker can be too, once I spend some time getting to grips with its intricasies...
  6. Mason Malmuth co-authored with Sklansky on some, and he has some great esay collections of his own.

    Sklansky on Poker
    Sklansky's Hold'Em for Advanced Players*
    Sklansky's Thoery of Poker

    By the time you read those you'll probably have found some other authors, but if not ask again and I'll check my library.

    *There are certain chapters or sections which generally describe how play differs at low-limit tables on up to no-limit tables.
  7. I dont know about poker as philosophy of life but if you want to learn how to play I would really recommend Phil Hellmuths new book, Play Poker like a Pro. His advice for new players cant be beat imo.
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    Frankly, they're all very boring to read.. just do a once over, take notes on the hands rating sheet and then learn from playing.
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    main point of book is fold until you have a good hand. i guess it's like don't trade if it isn't there. intersting - quick read.
  10. more interesting method, potentially more expensive

    I probably couldn't have read any of those 'boring' books had I not had my ass handed to me and subsequently gotten mocked at the table.

    (That particular fellow got his about two months and hours of reading, practice, and play later)
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