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Discussion in 'Trading' started by LMeyers, Feb 23, 2001.

  1. LMeyers


    I have recently started trading stocks and options. It appears to me that by the time I get the news of the downgrade, the markets have already more than discounted the new info. I would really appreciate if some experienced traders would recommend some of the better financial newsfeeds (paid/free)that I can use to get very timely info about analyst upgrades/downgrades and earnings forecasts. Is it better to use a TV based (eg. CNBC)or a web-based service (on a second monitor)? Does anyone know which news services are used by professional daytrading brokerages (Broadway, etc.)? Thanks.
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    I am also interested to find a good news provider. someone recommended or

    take a look, maybe thats what You are looking for. to tell You the truth I didnt understand everything on their page, what service they are really offering. but , maybe there is someone who is using their service and could tell us his opinion.

    best of luck

  3. LMeyers

    I do a few trades off of news. I consider it one of the better trades I can make. Remember this the big news comes during non trading hours. CNBC is a great source. The public will over react to big news. If it is insignificant than it's better to just fade the news. Ask yourself will this effect the future of the company for the next 4 months. If no ignore it yes than trade it. Go with Parabolic moves and fade weak moves

    CIEN, EMLX, NKE, CSCO were news stories that had a huge impact on the market recently. All were easily tradable. I made anywhere from 1-5 points on each.