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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Jackthepipper, Aug 11, 2016.

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  2. doggyfx


    What's their average % of rebate? Does they support existing account (have one with Hotforex)
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  3. You can scalp and hedge with EverFX broker as well - I think even better, as spread is lower (below 1pip), and STP execution. Maybe more safety, as they are also EU regulated (CySec & FCA) without office in Seychelles like Tickmill...
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  4. raniya


    I trade withFXB because my friend recommended me this broker. This broker also provide facilities for new trader, there is ebook which we can read to make us know more about forex
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  5. doggyfx


    Friend recommendations may play a bad trick for you. Always do your own diligence when choosing a trading facility.
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  6. Overnight


    Oh for CRYING OUT LOUD! Another hack-neyed BS outfit. Cash rebates on trades?

    Good golly miss molly!
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  7. bublu


    I guess you are right, all of us should do a thorough research at our own before finalizing the right broker IMO.
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  8. raniya


    I use FXB for trading because my friend recommend me to use this broker. I use demo account to start trading with this broker to make sure whether trading condition is good or not.
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  9. doggyfx


    I also joined Hotforex by trading recommendation! And asking many traders I get same answer!
    I wonder maybe trading recommendations is most effective way of acquiring clients?
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  10. tommy.G


    Forex began to deal with a large number of people, and as always beginners lose money, because the trader, brokers wrongly work with them
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