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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Jackthepipper, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. bublu


    Good one but let him talk about them, may be he was trying to tell us something important about them.. LOL!
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    Well it was clearly an advertising, but yeah let he speak his mind, maybe he has something worthy for us.
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  3. agnes35


    Recommending a Retail Broker is tough. Competition is very high.

    However, you can check few things before you sign up.

    Must choose a FCA broker if you are from EU or a Developed nation (USA has exception). There are few brokers which allow almost any country under FCA like Tickmill.

    Priorities your trading style. ECN is better for scalper not for everybody. Check how they close entry in case of a margin call out. All the entry at once or one by one. Check if there any deposit and withdrawal fees. Minimum deposit and withdrawals. Search in Google for the reputation. FPA is a nice place to check the reviews too. Starts with small amount, try to close an entry during news to check slippage. Hope these will help you.
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  4. doggyfx


    How long have you been trading with them? Have you tried some other brokers?
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  5. agnes35


    It’s been couple of months I’m trading with Tickmill, they are good so far.

    Yes, definitely I traded with some other brokers (5-6), I have different experiences with them. Like many of the other traders I start trading with instaforex and it was a relief when I closed my account with them.

    I don’t need to say about Alpari, they sucks. Tried with fxpro but closed due to unbelievable of spread in their cross/exotic pairs.

    I’ve noticed you talked about regulation in your earlier post. Actually, strong regulation helps a trader psychologically, nobody is going to take his money away. I have experienced with few brokers that they took away the profit from some excessive spike but don’t adjust the losses, which is a bad practice. But FCA take action if anybody do such practice.

    To be honest, in a trading environment there is no big difference if the broker is well reputed. But traders often blame broker when they loss money due to bad trades.
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  6. doggyfx


    Thanks for your comprehensive reply.. Definitely quite helpful for uninitiated traders.
    So what about your trading strategy with your broker? Do you use any mainstream or hunting for a trading edge using some not evident tricks and strategies?
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  7. agnes35



    I am scalping using the low spread of my FCA broker (Tickmill). Actually, it is very tough to get an edge unless French Presidential election is over.

    Mr. Trump promised to news agency AP (I think he also tweeted as he always does) that he is going to introduce the major Tax reform bill after 1986. That would be significant to the market.

    Everybody is expecting that would be a positive for Dollar, but I can’t stay with that as we seen in past from Mr. Trump.

    I think Scalping should be the best choice for any trader now. Geopolitical things are not going so well.
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  8. doggyfx


    Trump is very unpredictable right now in his responses to investigation about his ties in Russia... Who is next to be dismissed? :)
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  10. agnes35


    Yes, Market has no clue with US. and they are worried about USA. OPEC and EU is the less concern for now. However, I am not angry on Trump but my broker! I traded with so many brokers and still trading with multiple brokers. But Tickmill is my primary broker for day trading. Their execution is good.

    I preferred Axi for cfd trading as their rollover charge for them are low (like, oil, spx, Nikkei) but guess what, they often face technical errors with them! Their WTI was off for few hours before NFP at May 5 and I was unable to close my short which has 90+ points profit! My entry went to losses by the time they open for trading! Very unprofessional. I will move my account from them this week.
    #30     May 15, 2017