please recommend a broker?

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    Hi all, I'm wondering which brokers are best for block trades. I can't really day trade because of my job so my holding period is going to be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. I do however want accurate quotes. Also I will be starting an account with >1mio in balance, so the broker has to have excellent execution and support. theres nothing more frustrating than seeing my limit orders right there and the market is keep hitting/lifting the level but my orders are not getting done.
    I will be trading mainly equities/etf/options, not so much futures or FX
    In terms of platform I mainly rely on bloomberg terminal and excel so platform is not a big concern, its a plus if they also have good charting programs.

    so my priorities are:
    1. execution for size orders ( $50,000 - 500,000 a trade)
    2. support and accuracy
    3. platforms

    also i can only use my firm's approved brokers which are the following:

    Charles Schwab
    Fidelity Investments
    Morgan stanley SB
    Merrill Lynch
    TD Ameritrade
    Morgan stanley