Please read this: Could my Friend go to Jail

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    Alright I have a friend who is young 27 and is already on his third hedge fund.

    He is pretty advanced for his age got an MBA by the time he was 22....won numerous trading competitions in his teenage years. Has the mind more of like a 40 year old.

    With his last hedge fund he raised 30 million dollars and lost almost all of it....brought it down to about 2 million. During the period of raising the money he lied. Within his marketing material he claimed to have won competitions that he didn't and slightly lied about his track record.

    He lost almost all of his investors money my question is how much trouble can he get into if the SEC investigates him. Could he possibly go to jail.
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    He's f**ked!

  3. I think your friend is you.

    Looking at your past posts, you have been asking for advice on starting a hedge fund, claiming you were a professional trader on 07/15/08:

    Then a few months later, on 10/08/08 you change your mind and say you want to be a trader now...:confused:

    Funny thing is that you already started a thread in August 09 asking advice for a a guy you know whose real estate company went bankrupt:

    Here is my advice. You are either a kid looking to get attention on this board, or a fraud. In either way, you should seek medical help as it is clear that you have a pathological lying problem.
  4. ROFLMAO....

    Or, if you are telling the truth, get a large supply of KY jelly lube. You're gonna need it soon!
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    hahahaha - deserves everything he get's, lying git
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....No it's not me. I would not be hanging out on this board if it was me. No it's a friend of mine. Yeah I trade....and always wanted to trade on Wall st....but just never had the credentials to do it. (was never Ivy league)

    I was actually introduced to that guy through a mutual friend. I almost worked with him on the second hedge fund he had.

    I just now realized in his pitchbook there was a lot of B.S. and was wondering how much trouble he could get into. He still hasn't gotten nabbed though. He has the third fund up and running but fears he may get sued from previous investors.
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    Pick up the soap!

    What was the name of the fund?
  8. You appear to have a connection to 'friends' that get themselves into deep financial shit - maybe you are a jinx?
  9. he could run now. take the rest and run off to the carib or to a non-extradition country
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    Lies=a con

    He will join Madoff
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