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  1. Hi I everyone I have 3 different porfolios that I manage, of my friends and familes.

    One porfolio is this, can you please make any comments or suggestions.

    100 * 33 LULU =3300
    1 * 3000 BRK.B =3000
    20 * 85 SRS = 1700
    100 * 14.50 AUY = 1450

    If you guys can comment on this porfolio, and maybe offer some suggestions. This is supposed to be a balanced porfolio, I dunno if you guys have any suggestions. I am looking at medium level growth.


    Sikh Invetor
  2. i think you can find a better resource company then auy
  3. What makes it balanced?

    Do you have cyclicals and defensive stocks?

    Income and Growth stocks?

    Stocks from a few different sectors to reduce concentration in a specific sector or industry?

    Speculative and Blue Chips?

    Some things to consider...

  5. Thanks guys for all of your help!

    ET is a great place for help!

  6. sell Berkshire
  7. pai


    please take a look at my portfolio as well

    EWY ishare south korean etf @ 68 70 shares
    VWO vanguard emerging market etf @ 113 40 shares
    MMM 3M @85 40 shares
    LULU lemon @ 43 50 shares
    SBUX starbucks @ 26 70 shares

    now down by about 1400

    i also hold some TD canada trust mutual funds
    4000 dollars worth of latin america fund
    2000 dollars worth of monthly income fund

    should i exit on the mutual funds and just buy etfs??
    am i not diversified enough/too agressive

    i am aiming to hold on for long
  8. Your portfolio will probably perform about the same as a world index. If your goal is to match a world index, than it's probably good enough. If you want to peform better than a world index, you are over diversified with the ETF's and mutual funds.
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  10. The diversification con of wall street????

    buy my mutual mine'll be more diversified. For ultra ultra diversification add my mutual fund to your portfolo
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