please put journal threads under "Journals"

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    I disagree, and don't have a problem with where that thread is located — there's a fair amount of necessary overlap in the forums at ET and many threads would "fit" a couple of places. I don't see any masquerade as you call it, nor anyone seeking more publicity as you claim. In fact, the title of the thread (Real Time Trading Signal for ES E-Mini S&P 500 Futures Contract) is quite clear as to his intent and the OP probably felt that he is strictly discussing the ES contract and, therefore, the Index Futures forum would be a good place for it. When he first began he was also posting the signals in a journal and I asked him not to make duplicate posts, so now everything is localized into this one thread.
  2. I think part of the definition of a jounal, is if he is pretty much the main poster, and it is pretty much a running account of his trading calls or ideas.

    how does that differ from journal? Maybe part of the problem is, there is not a clear definition of "journal of pretty much your own calls/trading ideas" and "participatory general thread"
  3. Again, on this site, someone (on same thread) figured out that a shill (MarketException) is now defending "Winborn" - registered same day 9/27

    Not a journal, but a pre market service seeking to gain free publicity.
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    If you are crying about journals in the wrong section, Kudos to MMs is the biggest offender. :)

    What the hell is wrong with you? Would it be better if he was posting political ramblings or pictures of sexy girls?? At least he posts trades.
    Even if he wants to charge later, are we now banning people on suspicion? And why not enjoy the free signals while it lasts??

    You could suspect anyone posting in the ES Journal that at some point they will charge. Sheeeshh!!!

    When a soda vendor showed up at your high school basketball game giving away free sample drinks, did you chase them away??? :) You chase them away AFTER they start to charge....
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