Please post good technical setups here

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  1. Im tired of reading post after post which has no substance or anything of merit. Im tired of reading article after article about mortgage resets or some other odd thing that I dont really care about.

    In this thread, you post a choice technical setup. Dont bother with making a call about it going up or down. The real traders will dissect it, analyze it and come to their own conclusions.

    Its simple. Use to post a screenshot chart to this forum. Hit alt-printscreen, then go to paint, paste and then save it. Upload it here. Then post a brief summary of what you are seeing.

    Dont worry about being right or wrong or losing other people money. Dont worry about us. Post your setup and we'll figure out the rest.

    Thanks;) I'll be waiting for those setups and I will post up a few here if and when I find them.
  2. Here I will start with one:

    PIER ONE - PIR - Breakout over long established base

  3. Here is another one. AIG.

    Price heading for top line. Long deep basing pattern and inverted h&s-like pattern setup. High volume on march towards top line. I would say has a good chance of filling the gap once it gets above top line. Now would be a good buy point.

  4. AMR - Bust above the top line and re-test.

  5. NUAN

    Long 3-4 month base, bust out and retest of top line.

  6. LVS

    Breakout over tilted base. Price might be retesting moving average or in the process of pulling back to top line for retest.

  7. AGU: been in a nice uptrend and previous resistance of 50 looks to be turning into support.

  8. NTRI

    Not moving right now, but watching to see if topline holds. Past history demonstrates that this one can move pretty quick. Keeping on watchlist.

  9. PMTI

    Price looking to attempt break of topline and then into breakout.

  10. SWKS

    Multi-year breakout

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