Please post a 5 day intraday OIL futures chart

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by blackguard, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Hi. If you are bored and would like to do a favor, please post a 5 day (or longer) intraday oil futures chart.

  2. FredBloggs

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    im sure such an intuitive and resourceful person such as your self could find one on the net.

  3. What interval? You want the light crude contract from NYMEX? I will post one when you reply, but it is also available at NYMEX's website.
  4. interval doesn't really matter. 5 or 10 min is okay.

  5. Ebo


    Do you need lunch delivered as well?
  6. awesome! thanks ebo.

    the charts on the NYMEX site suck.

    thanks again,
  7. hey EBO ... is that a TD seq. or TD combo hourly count ?

    whatever ... its pretty cool ...

    ps to the other poster ... you can get futures charts delayed for the big crude contract here