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  1. Dear U.S. sports media,

    Seriously, STFU about Favre already.

    The guy hasn't played well in 3 years.

    If he didn't shit-the-bed for 59 minutes last week, he wouldn't have had to make that throw. I can't even name the guy who caught it, b/c you never bother to mention the catch was 1000x harder than the throw.

    It's as if Favre is the only player in the NFL this year.

    His legacy is tarnished, and every passing week it gets more irritating.

    Please give it a rest.
  2. 2007 NFC championship game, 13-3 record that yr is definitely within 3 yrs (28 tds, 15 ints and a 96 QB rating that yr). Prior to arm injury, was 8-3 with the Jets and a 95+ QB rating. He had a couple stinker years in there a few years ago but other than that, he's been a super star. And his consecutive games played streak is like Cal Ripken's streak on steroids.

    Legacy tarnished??? Lol....please
  3. His legacy is definitely tarnished. All that retired/not retired flip flopping in the last few offseasons rubbed alot of people the wrong way.

    Also, he was HORRENDOUS with the Jets last year. I'm a season ticket holder and he was brutal to watch.

    Take away the Arizona Cardinals game where he had 6 TD's (2 on blown coverage and 2 on missed tackles) and his numbers were laughably horrible. And please don't even start with that "arm injury" bullshit. He sucked, plain and simple. If he was hurt then he's an even bigger douche for not sitting out just to keep his streak alive, b/c he was killing his team.
  4. Season ticket holder or not he was terrible only the last 5 games....and that was all arm injury. Prior to that Jet's were 8-3. Look at him this yr, 4-0 record 8 tds 1 int. That speaks for itself.

    The flip flopping saga was a bit much, but that does not tarnish his legacy hardly at all. You may think that it's such a big deal right now but as time goes on he will be remembered as a winner, a warrior and all time leader in nearly every single offensive category for QB's.

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    It's not his fault he's loved. It is irritating though but, the guy can still play at a high level.

    If he can stay healthy and not peter-out towards the end, make good decisions with the ball and not lose focus, the Vikes will be in the Superbowl. Favre and Peterson are just icing on the cake. If they make it to the SB you have the O and D-line to thank.
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    Fact check:

    Favre is now the first starting quarterback in NFL history to defeat all 32 NFL teams.
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    he's a monster. In football it is about NOW and right about NOW he is on fire. Yes The catch in the endzone last week was harder than the throw, but it was one hell of a laser to a spot the mo fo was able to catch it while he was under extreme pressure...that being said, STFU already about the guy....sheesh
  8. The media dotes on him too much for my tolerance too. You can dote on anybody too much. And, Minn. is underutilizing the best running back in the NFL for Favre to shine in his place. Petersons shouldn't have to take a back seat. That will probably come out in the media sometime before the season ends.
  9. He may be on the way out, but you have to admire a 40-year old who can still still rifle a football like he does.

    average pro is lucky to get 9 to 10 years due to the beating they take.
  10. uh, Peterson had 25 carries last night and is on pace for 1600+ yds for the season....hardly under utilizing. Plus, everyone knows that AP is the main feature of that offense, it's no secret.

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