Please listen to Fox, bigotry.

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    It's the topdog/underdog game. The underdog wins.

    Women said they were the underdogs in the Corporate world, still do. They got paid less so that made them the underdog. They work cheap! That bought their way into 60% of the leadership jobs in American Corporations so far!

    Gays were playing the topdog and they lost. I remember a chant they had: "we're here, we're queer, we're going to take over your world".. that was before they took over the hospices.. Now they are the underdogs, the victims of prejudice, that is a sure route to a lot of public assistance and political power. Nobody can complain about their behaviour or the effects of their bahaviour on society without being written off as a bigot.

    Blacks played the topdog, they burned cities, they rioted, they sued public sector employers.. and they made themselves extremely unattractive as employees, now they are the underdogs, the victims of prejudice, that is a sure route to a lot of public assistance and political power. Nobody can complain about their behaviour or the effects of their bahaviour on society without being written off as a bigot.

    Traders played the topdog, they drove exotic cars.. now they are worried about a financial tax.. we better start playing the underdog real soon, no?
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    Racist, sexist, homophobic and unclever.

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    Hmm, it must be true then.

  4. Not a true or false question, a matter of a right side gentleman making a statement.

  5. Notice how quiet it is over on the right. They know what they are doing.
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    Tsing Tao

    Contrary to what you may think, not all of us stay up 24/7 on this site like you do, RCG. I will happily answer for the right just as soon as I listen to cgroupman's link. Let me get my coffee, ok?
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    Tsing Tao

    Alright, I listened to it. Thank you for patiently awaiting a response (laf).

    Bernie is absolutely right in everything he said. There IS a "strain" of bigotry in conservative America that is against gay people, and there is a strain against black people, or immigrants, etc. That is all true. And this group protesting JC Penny is complete and total stupidity, and I personally do not agree with them at all. Lastly, Bill's response to Bernie was asinine (and I normally agree with him) about how Ellen "flaunts" her homosexuality. So the fuck what, Bill? Ellen has a right to live her life however she sees fit, and if JC Penny's wants to be associated with her, that is their business decision. Any time a business associates themselves with ANY public figure, there is business risk that that figure might do or say something in their own private life that upsets a section of their customer demographic. They should make that decision on their own. I also laughed when Bernie said "I used to be a liberal, but moved to the right because the lefties were way to crazy for me" (not verbatim).

    Now for the flip side, because fair is fair. The group of idiot moms protesting JC Penny's has the right to protest them if they feel that something offends them. Stupid as it is, they can protest anything they want with any corporate entity and claim they will not shop there if that is the spokesperson they choose (they can shop wherever they wish). Said differently, they have the right to be bigots if they choose - and you and I can think it's ugly, but tough shit - that's their right to be close minded. Again, if JCP did their risk analysis correctly, they anticipated this and will hold firm.

    I should also point out that there are bigots/racists on the left as well - african-americans who hate "whiteys", etc. You don't have to be white to be a racist. You just have to be white to be called a racist in this day and age. Both are wrong. And lets not forget instances like where Al Sharpton called for the firing of Imus because he said "nappy headed ho's". How stupid was that? Sure, it was a dumb comment, but if you don't like Imus, don't tune in! It's free speech. Where was the outrage when Al was calling for Imus to be fired?

    Lastly, I will end with the fact that the only thing I have a problem with is when liberals take alternative lifestyles and insist they should be taught to MY children in a public school atmosphere. I have no right to tell people how to live, and they have no right to teach my children things I do not want them to. But that makes me a bigot in the eyes of some. If so, then they can kiss my bigoted ass.
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    But that's the important thing. To identify their stupidity for what it is.
    No. That's where you're wrong. That's just flat out racist, as comments go. (Whether or not Imus is actually racist is immaterial.) It should not be allowed on the airwaves. Here's why: It has been shown that when people drop trash on the streets that others follow. The more trash they see, the more likely they are to dispose of their own trash right onto the streets rather than into a trash can. So the idea is to have a clean street in order to keep a clean street. Otherwise, the Stormfront troopers would see Imus's blurted comment as a nod "for anything goes." And then the airwaves would be full of such trash.
  9. Then why don't you station yourself on your street in a continuous police call mode, instead of sticking your nose in our business where it doesn't belong?
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