Please list the bad news...

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  1. That hasn't been announced yet?

    I'm a big fan of deleveraging because its fun, but seriously, what news hasn't come out yet that is devastating?
    We all know 10% Unemployment is coming...
    Crude oil is where it's at because the global economy sucks and is in deep recession...
    What else don't we know about yet???
  2. Sovereign default by a G8 country.
  3. Good one...
    anything else...?
  4. India & Pakistan stop yapping at each other and actually toss a couple of nukes back and forth.
  5. ElCubano


    he said bad news...:D
  6. Just 10% ????
    That's GOOD news.
  7. how about huge hedge funds disappearing as everyone in the world loses confidence in the scam and cashes out ALL the money that has poured in over the last few decades? the money that took the dow from 100 to 14000. it could take is back down again.

    how about the UK having a currency crash and a full blown depression as they are basically nothing without financials/banking and they have huge national debt.

    how about a total reversal of the stock perception bubble that has formed over the last 30 years? you know the blue chip stock and uk properties will never go down safe investment bullshit? might lead to total liquidation of all the main asset classes
  8. yep
  9. And in 30 yrs, it'll happen all over again. How can it not?
  10. Moody's downgrades California IOU's to junk status.
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