please list some quality firms in NYC

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  1. hmm because the boss Ellie is Jewish!

    And since he is a very respectful character, I would think that a lot of Jewish people would like to do business with him!
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  2. Bernie Madoff did not exactly leave a warm & fuzzy feeling for Jews to trade with other MOTT!

    Zeit Gazunt!
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  3. Yeah!

    That's why i rather trade my own money then give my money to another person!

    Nonetheless, Star Alliance is a legit firm.
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  7. zdreg


    incredible. how much education do u have?
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  8. Isn't Star Alliance affiliated with Next Level Trading?

    They are both blackwood users and clear through dimension

    careful with these CBOX sub members....
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  9. Nah men, if Next Level trading is under Dimension, is them and there problems!

    Has nothing to do with what ever Star Alliance does!

    If there is problem, it should be taken over to Dimension not Star Alliance!
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  10. NKNY


    At this point I would stay away from all subs of dimension and simply go straight to dimension to decrease the risk. There is obviously still risk involved but at least dimension has been around for a while.

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