please list some quality firms in NYC

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  1. I just wanted to note...You made it sound like it was 'free' to get in, when there is a training fee. I don't think that was always the case either, but I had the same situation you had with them and feel the same way.
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  2. How did u contact T3 and who did u interview with??
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  3. Check your PM's from Oct 18th...We talked about this already. Feel free to write back on that if you want more info.
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  4. what are pms PM means what?
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  5. PMS = Pre Menstrual Syndrome
    PM = Private message

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  6. how do you check your pms private messages on elite trader?
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  7. bigpapi


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  8. NKNY


    lol, I dont know how to check your PMS but you can check your private messages by clicking your account and the click on "private messages" all the way to the right...
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  9. Been with Star Alliance Capital One under Dimension Brokerage for over a year, and they are pretty descent!
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  10. What's up with all the Kosher Kowboy's up there?
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