Please kill my nick

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by destriero, Jan 10, 2020.

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    ... and close my journal. Sent a report with same but never receive a response on those. Thanks.
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  3. Hope you come back! GL! :)

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  4. Pekelo


    Your journal was closed already like 5 hours ago in the morning. Now, since it is obvious that Atti... I mean Riska... I mean Dest is going to be back in less than 2 weeks, let's play a game!

    We are giving out a $100 Amazon giftcard to the first person correctly identifying Dest's new nick. The contest is on!

    Disclaimer: If he is using the nick Atarbcusriodes, the offer is not valid.
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    Thanks very much for your willingness to share AND TEACH!!

    Take care, my neighbor to the north. :)
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  7. Damn, that’s too bad. Hope you return!

  8. DramaQueen
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    PoopyDick!!! I have to send the gift card to myself. Although I was wrong about the 2 weeks, it took him 19 days.

    I agree, he is.
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  10. I came back to post in P&R. Congress just sealed the fate of the GOP and I want to be here for the carnage.
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