Please, how do I create this order on TWS

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by donv04, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. donv04


    First I enter a stock at around $10.00 with a limit relative order. Then, I would like an intitial hard stop of .10 less than my entry price which is unknown until I enter because of the limit order. How do I create this hard stop when my entry price is unknown?

    Finally, I'd like to trail with a stop of .30 which I think I can do with an auto trailing stop attached to the limit order.

    Can I use both a auto stop and trailing stop on the same stock?

    MANY THANKS for any help with this!:confused:
  2. donv04


    Maybe I'd be better off using my limit order to enter and attaching a hard stop of say .10 below the limit order. Then if I get favorable movement .10 above my entry to adjust my hard stop to breakeven and then add a .30 trailing stop.

    Would the above work?

    Many Thanks for your input :)
  3. Nereus


    Check out

    It's a very intuitive trade management program (api) front end for TWS. With one click, I enter a trade with 3 separate targets, and an auto trailing stop in place. You can customize your own trade management strategy very easily. Very useful tool for my trading.

    Good luck!