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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by daytr8r, Dec 1, 2002.

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    On my computer at home that I don't trade on, but do most of my research, I've been having a lot of problems accessing many websites.

    Every time I pull up certain websites, my Internet Explorer shuts down and a Ddhelp message is displayed where I have the choice to click on Close or Ignore. It only lets me click Close, and then an error message is displayed. Then I have to restart Internet Explorer.

    Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be, and how to fix it? Any help is very much appreciated.
  2. have you tried un-installing and re-installing IE?
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    Yes, I installed the most recent version of IE.
  4. I'm not sure what OS you're using but I had a similar problem with IE and Windows NT4. I upgraded to NT service pack 6 from service pack 5 and it fixed the problem. Not sure if this will help you though.
  5. first, try downloading netscape to see if you have a problem with your browser or your internet connection/networking settings.
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  7. So now we know it's not your browser causing the issue. After seeing the article in the link you posted, and searching in Google, it would appear that this is related to your ATI video card...

    This seemed to be a good link if this is indeed the case:

    If not, search in google for "DDHelp Caused an Invalid Page Fault" and try to figure out what changes were made to your system to cause this (assuming your system was working correctly at some point).

    Good luck!
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    and to find out which card you have right click on the screen (not on any icon), select properties, select setting, select advanced, select adapter in case you don't know.
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    So by right clicking on my screen and going to properties, settings, advanced, and adapter, I am using NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD.

    Does it sound like my video card is damaged? Do I need to replace it, or can it be fixed? Approximately how much do you think this might cost?

    I believe this problem started when I started testing out a bunch of realtime stock streaming quote feeds. I uninstalled everything that I had installed and the problem still persists.

    I'm sorry, I should've mentioned this earlier.
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    Also, if I install Windows2000, would that possibly fix it?
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