Please help with my Jewnazis ignore list

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oktiri, Jan 31, 2009.

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    I couldn't give a crap about what's happening in the middle east, just tired of the yapping/ Whining.
  2. Don't you know that this treacherous Hamas viper can't hear you now.

    You are on his ignore list.

  3. :) The main page indicates I have TWO replies, yet, I only "see" my post :) isn't life wonderful you guys.

  4. You see this Mom0/pH0x.

    He has us both on his ignore list, but he can see that the replies to his post are from us.

    This wretched perfidious Hamas snake in the grass can't even lie right.

    He is not fit to be even in their propaganda swarm.

    I recommend that they put his ass facing Mecca of course in a Kassam rocket, and shoot it into Israel's Negev as a demonstration of their prowess and courage as always.

    Another Hamas fiend bites the dust. A fitting end for all Hamas shahids -- rocket fodder!
  5. There is one more post :)
    hmm, let me guess, somebody on my ignore list . AGAIN.